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No More San Francisco Occupy Federal Reserve

Overnight raid follows smaller raid of grassy area of SF Occupy at Justin Herman Park.



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    Police cleared tents belonging to Occupy SF demonstrators from the  sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve building at 101 Market St. early  this morning, but have not attempted to clear the main camp at Justin Herman  Plaza.

    Police said that approximately 12 tents were removed by the  Department of Public Works with police assistance, and six people were  arrested for interfering.

      According to protesters at the scene, at least one arrestee named  James was charged with battery on a police officer, but was released shortly  after his arrest.

    Police issued notices to protesters Wednesday stating that  occupants of tents along the sidewalks of Market Street must vacate  immediately, but did not mention Justin Herman Plaza.

    Protesters expressed concern that the main camp would be raided  soon following an early-morning police action Wednesday that cleared tents  along the first block of Market Street.

    That afternoon, Mayor Ed Lee visited the Justin Herman Plaza  encampment and said that protesters would have a chance to bring the camp  into compliance with the city's health and

    As many as 200 tents were pitched on Wednesday, according to city  officials, and the Department of Public Health recently declared the  encampment a public health nuisance.

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