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No Soup For You! Says Fong



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    Wanda Trossbach
    The shark was eight feet long.

    Assemblyman Paul Fong says there needs to be stricter rules on illegal shark-finning practices. The demand for shark fin soup is going up and the number of finless sharks being thrown back into the water to die is also rising.

    According to  SF Weekly, environmental groups say the growing popularity of the bland, gelatinous dish has led to millions more shark deaths, upsetting the undersea ecosystem.

    However, Sen. Leland Yee says otherwise.

    A staffer for Yee said today that the laws in place are sufficient enough to stop the practice.

    "There is a lawful way to allow restaurants to offer shark fin soup," said Adam Keigwin, Yee's chief of staff.

    Assemblyman Jared Huffman plans to co-sponsor the Fong bill.