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Mom, Truant Son Found Smoking Pot



    Mom, Truant Son Found Smoking Pot
    Police say this woman was found smoking pot with her son, who was playing hookie from school.

    Thirty-one people were arrested Tuesday during a truancy sweep in Sacramento County.

    Among those arrested during Tuesday's sweep included a Child Protective Services worker whose child was habitually truant, and a mother who was found in her home smoking marijuana with her truant son.

    The parents will most likely be sentenced to community service, Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully said. They will also sign a contract that lays out expectations for them and their students.

    "These sweeps send a strong message to irresponsible parents that they will be held accountable in the criminal justice system if their school-age children do not attend school as required by the compulsory school attendance laws," Scully said in a statement.

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