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North Bay Woman On Quest To Save Bunnies



    Marcy Schaaf says running the all-volunteer group, SaveABunny, is a full time job. And then some. Ask her why she works so hard and the answer, she says, is easy: each bunny she doesn't save is a bunny that doesn't survive. (Published Monday, Dec. 23, 2013)

    Marcy Schaaf knows what you may be thinking and, no, it isn't true.

    She is not a "crazy bunny lady."

    She is simply someone with a business mind, a non-profit heart, and a significant stubborn streak.

    The business mind came from years working as a high-level advertising and marketing executive. So high-level, in fact, Marcy ran into issues of burn-out and chose to step out of the rat race more than a decade ago.

    It was during that period that she offered to provide a foster home for a rabbit. She quickly fell in love, not just with that rabbit, but the whole species. Marcy became impressed with their intelligence, their independence, and their sense of adventure.

    She also became disillusioned by how many rabbits were ending up in shelters and how many ended up being euthanized.

    That's when the stubborn streak kicked in. Marcy made it her mission to save as many of them as she could, and SaveABunny was born.

    In the fifteen years since the all-volunteer group was started, Marcy says they have been able to save some 5,000 rabbits from being euthanized at Bay Area shelters.

    The ASPCA is so impressed, they recently gave SaveABunny a $25,000 grant to expand their operation.

    Marcy says she needs the money, because the rabbits need to be saved.

    To see just how Marcy goes about saving so many animals, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.

    To learn more about SaveABunny, visit their website.