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North Beach Claims Best Pizza in U.S.

Pizza king



    North Beach Claims Best Pizza in U.S.
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    The best pie is in ... San Francisco. Period. You hear that New York? Chicago?

    Eat your heart out, New York and Chicago -- if they serve it in North Beach, that is.

    The title of best pizza in the United States is bestowed upon Tony's Pizza Napoletana on Stockton Street next to Washington Square, according to a travel article published in USA Today this week. What could undo Chicago deep dish and New York neopolitan style so thoroughly?

    One, many ovens. Founder and owner Tony Gemingnani uses a variety of ovens burning a variety of materials in order to create his variety of pizzas. In fact, it appears that variety is, in addition to being the spice of life, the secret to pizza royalty: Tony's serves "nine distinctly different regional styles of pizza," meaning he's got the "most unique and comprehensive pizzeria in the nation, if not the world," according to USA Today.

    Well, then. Who else is hungry?