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Not All "Birthers" Are Ready to Give Up on Their Quest



    Orly Taitz is not ready to back down. She called the release of President Barack Obama's Hawaii birth certificate simply a beginning.

    "This really reminds me of Watergate," she said. "There are some serious issues here, but this is just a preemptive strike."

    Taitz, an Orange County lawyer and dentist, has been fighting this battle in court and on the street for 2 1/2 years. It's clear that she isn't letting go now. She still questions the president's right to hold America's highest office. She has filed many lawsuits challenging the president's birth certificate and other personal documents as well.

    "Barack Obama was only at Columbia University for nine months," Taitz questions. "How did he get his bachelor’s degree?"

    She has made a special effort to question the Social Security number used on the President's selective service paperwork. She contends the number on that document was never assigned to Barrack Obama.

    She credits Donald Trump for making the birther issue a national debate. Trump, reacting to Wednesday's release, was eager to accept credit for bringing the issue into the spotlight and forcing the president's hand.

    The president dismissed all the talk as nonsense that keeps the country from focusing on far more important issues. He didn't mention Trump, but his reference to "sideshows and carnival barkers" seemed to point in Trump's direction.

    Taitz says she is still not convinced the document is authentic. She points to the line that lists the race of Obama's father as "African." In 1961, she says the term would have been "Negro."

    "Things that Obama has done like using a fake Social Security number would have put other people in prison," she says, going on the offensive.

    A chat with Orly Taitz makes it clear that the "birthers" aren't ready to go away just yet.