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Notorious DUI Killer Killed at San Quentin



    Notorious DUI Killer Killed at San Quentin
    Edward Schaefer: drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk.

    One of the Bay Area's most notorious killers has died at the hands of a fellow San Quentin inmate.

    Edward John Schaefer, 44, of Novato, is the man who ran down a Novato family last year killing a child and maiming her father.  He was a six-time repeat drunk driving offender and had a 0.16 alcohol level at the time of the crash.

    You may remember Schaefer put up his middle finger toward the courtroom during his first court appearance last June.

    He was sentenced last week to 24 years to life in prison for second-degree murder and mayhem.

    Less than two weeks later, on Monday morning, another inmate in San Quentin stabbed him in the neck and chest with a makeshift weapon. Schaefer was taken to Marin General, but died at 9:03 p.m.
    Last May, Schaefer's Harley Davidson motorcycle struck Melody Osheroff and her father, Aaron Osheroff, 42, as they were crossing San Marin Drive at San Carlos Way in Novato.

    The little girl died the next day. Her father had to have his right leg amputated.

    At his sentencing, Schaefer apologized to the family. He said he was devastated when he learned what happened after the effects of morphine he received wore off four days later.

    San Quentin officials say Schaefer's death is now the subject on a homicide investigation.  The man suspected of killing him is Frank Souza.  Souza, is known in San Jose for killing a homeless man in Willow Glen back in 2007.  John Riggins, 59, was killed in an alley off Lincoln Avenue on Aug. 29, 2007.  Souza, 31, began serving 60 years for that crime in January.