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Nurse, 61, Punches Patient, 91



    Nurse, 61, Punches Patient, 91

    An apparently combative 91-year-old female patient got a bloody lip from a nurse, according to the Daily News, when the nurse tried to give the patient some medication.

    The former Redwood City Kaiser nurse, 61, pleaded no contest to striking the victim. Joan Rogers will serve four days in jail (most likely weekend public service) for the attack. She also received two years' probation.

    The patient became unruly and another staffer heard the ruckus, according to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. The staffer witnessed the nurse strike the woman with a "hammer-like motion."

    "From how it was described to me, she was trying to help this patient and got frustrated," Wagstaffe told the Daily News. "But she expressed this frustration in a way that we're not allowed to do."