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OPD: Suspect Wanted Revenge

Oakland police search for weapon used in Monday's mass shooting.



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    Alameda County Sheriff's Department
    One L Goh is the suspect in a mass killing in Oakland Monday.

    Investigators painted a complicated portrait of the man accused of murdering seven people during yesterday's shooting rampage at Oikos University.

    On the one hand, police say that One L. Goh, who is being held at Santa Rita Jail, is cooperating in their investigation, answering questions under interrogation. Goh, however, is aware of what happened and is showing no remorse, according to Oakland police.

    Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said as much, speaking at a pre-dawn news conference, Jordan revealed that the shooter has provided police with details about how he committed the killings.

    [Listen to the 911 Call Here]

    "In terms of the suspect, I'm told he's being very cooperative with us. He has not been particularly remorseful but very cooperative," Jordan said. 

    Jordan said Goh had been planning the killing "for weeks."

    One of the main focuses for investigators Tuesday is to find the murder weapon. Oakland police searched Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline at 7250 Doolittle Drive. They think Goh might have dumped the gun in the estuary on his way to Alameda where he eventually surrendered to police. Jordan said it was a semi-automatic handgun.

    The Morning After a Massacre

    [BAY] The Morning After a Massacre
    The search for the murder weapon used in Monday's mass shooting that left seven people dead is a high priority today.
    (Published Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    Police say Goh purchased the gun six weeks ago in the East Bay. They think it was a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

    The effort to find the gun came up empty Monday even though both Oakland and San Francisco police spent hours using high tech sonar scanners of the estuary.

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    Police say the motive was revenge because the 43-year-old suspect was upset with his former school, where he was a nursing student. The school had expelled him, possibly because of behavioral and anger-management issues.

    Students tell NBC Bay Area that Goh, who is a South Korean national, didn't fit in because of a language barrier. When he arrived on campus Monday morning, Goh allegedly took the receptionist hostage and demanded to see a female administrator he was unhappy with. The administrator was not there. When some of the students refused, Jordan said he began shooting.

    "He asked them to line up. Not everyone was cooperative and that's when he began shooting," Jordan said.

    Jordan said he stopped and left the building once he realized people were calling 911 and that police were on their way.

    "We don't believe the suspect was intending to have a confrontation with police, so he took off after he was finished shooting," Jordan said. Jordan added police arrived three minutes after receiving their first distress call.

    Seven people were killed, including the receptionist. The other victims were students. 

    OPD says six of the victims were women, all foreign nationals from South Korea, Nepal, Nigeria and the Philippines. They ranged in age from 21-40.

    Investigators plan to present their case to the district attorney in the coming days. Goh's first court date is Wednesday.

    Below is video from our  helicopter in the moments after the shooting. We want to warn you it is graphic in nature and shows police pulling victims out of the building.


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