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OPD Rehires Ready to Hit the Streets



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    Good news for Oakland residents worried about crime in their city.  The city has been able to rehire some police officers.

    More than half of the 24 police officers rehired by the city this year are expected to be back on patrol by this weekend.

    Some are already on the streets, according to OPD.

    The return of the rest will follow some retraining.  The rehire comes as the city has experienced a spike in violence, including homicides.       

    The city has experienced 71 homicides so far this year, which is 19 more than at the same time last year.       

    Oakland laid off 80 officers last year. The City Council set aside funding to rehire 22 of them in the budget that it approved in June.

    Additional officers have been rehired as the department has lost staff to attrition.