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Oakland Challenges Feds With New Pot Dispensaries

The federal government mailed threatening letters to four Bay Area pot dispensaries -- will the feds turn their attention to Oakland's new marijuana dispensaries, which are following guidelines similar to the threatened pot clubs?



    Oakland Challenges Feds With New Pot Dispensaries
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    How legal is legal, exactly? Nobody can be sure.

    Oakland is home to four medical marijuana dispensaries, and last week, the city received 12 applications for four more dispensaries -- applications that could someday be used by federal prosecutors as evidence.

    United States Attorney for Northern California Melinda Haag told four Bay Area dispensaries within 1,000 feet of a park or school that they must shut down or face severe consequences in letters mailed in late September. California state law says that a dispensary can be within 600 feet of a park or school, which is the same boundary included in Oakland's ordinance, according to SF Weekly.

    The city's ordinance, approved by the City Council, was not changed or altered after federal activity before the Oct. 14 application deadline. It's not known where the 12 applicants planned to open up their dispensaries -- the applications are not made known -- but it is likely that the federal activity dissuaded some from filing applications, according to a city official.

    The areas in Oakland open to new dispensaries are mostly in West Oakland, downtown and along the I-880 corridor near Port property and the waterfront. No Oakland dispensaries have yet received any letters from the feds informing them to shut down, and the city of Oakland has not received any warnings or letters from the federal government regarding its dispensary ordinance, according to officials.