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Oakland Chief Unveils New Crime Fighting Stategy

Oakland unveils new community policing strategy



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    Oakland's police chief says his department is implementing a new crime-fighting strategy that he hopes will allow officers to respond to calls more effectively.

    Chief Howard Jordan says the new strategy includes dividing the city into five smaller districts, instead of two massive zones the department has been using.

    In announcing the plan Monday, Jordan says the smaller districts will be led by a captain who will oversee about 60 officers.

    The captains will be encouraged to get more input from residents to help strengthen ties between police and the community. Each district will also have its own citizen's advisory council.

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    A similar strategy to fight crime with three zones was adopted a few years ago but failed police say because of a lack of officers and equipment.

    The department switched to covering the city in two large zones not long after 80 officers were laid off in 2010.