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Oakland City Councilwoman Libby Schaaf Will Run for Mayor

Libby Schaaf filed papers today to run for Oakland mayor in 2014



    Oakland City Councilwoman Libby Schaaf Will Run for Mayor
    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan will have competition for her job from Oakland city councilwoman Libby Schaaf.

    Oakland City Councilwoman Libby Schaaf filed papers today to begin  the process of running for mayor in 2014, saying that improving public safety  and creating new jobs are two of her top goals.

    Schaaf, who was born and raised in Oakland and was elected to the  City Council in 2010, said, "I believe Oaklanders deserve to have a police  force that responds quickly when they call" for help and promised, "I will  have a relentless focus on having a city that is safe."

    Speaking to reporters outside the city clerk's office after she  filed papers forming a campaign committee, Schaaf said, "I plan to run a  positive campaign that focuses on issues, not on people."

    But she strongly implied that she's unhappy with the job  performance of Mayor Jean Quan, saying that, "Oakland can do better and its  residents deserve to have basic services delivered."

    Among the other candidates who have said they plan to run for  mayor in 2014 are college professor and political commentator Joe Tuman, who  finished fourth in the 2010 election that Quan won, and Port of Oakland  commissioner Bryan Parker.

    Quan has set up a re-election website but she said in a statement,  "I have not yet announced my reelection plans and won't be commenting on  potential candidates."

    Quan said, "Right now I am focused squarely on my priorities as  mayor. First and foremost, that means public safety."

    Schaaf, who graduated from Skyline High School in Oakland,  previously served as chief of staff for former City Councilman Ignacio De La  Fuente, as an aide to former Mayor Jerry Brown and as an executive at the  Port of Oakland. She is married and has two young children who attend the  same public elementary school that she attended.

    Schaaf represents District 4 in East Oakland, which includes the  communities of Allendale, Brookdale, Crestmont, Dimond, Estates Drive, High  Street, Laurel, Maxwell Park, Melrose, Montclair, Oakmore, Piedmont Pines,  Redwood Heights, Shepherd Canyon and Thornhill.

    Schaaf cited "the experience I have and my can-do attitude" as  qualities that will help her get elected.

    Schaaf has largely focused on public safety issues, such as  increasing the number of Oakland police officers, during her time on the City  Council.

    But she said she won't release the details of her campaign  platform until early next year, as the filing deadline for mayor isn't until  next summer and the election isn't until next November.

    Parker admitted today that he probably isn't as well known as  Quan, Schaaf and Tuman but said he raised more money that the other  candidates as of the most recent reporting period and he believes he will be  better known by next November.

    Parker said, "I stand apart from the rest of the candidates"  because of his business experience as a division manager for DaVita  Healthcare Partners Inc., a Denver-based kidney care company.

    "None of the others have run a business before or met budgets or  put people to work," Parker said.

    He said his priorities include reducing poverty and improving  public safety and education.

    Tuman couldn't be reached for comment today but when he filed  papers on July 24 to form a campaign committee he said he will focus on  public safety.

    In her statement, Quan said, "My administration is hard at work  rebuilding our police force, strengthening our community policing and  creating jobs for residents."

    She said, "We have been turning the tide, funding back-to-back  police academies and bringing billions of dollars in grants, investments and  commitments to projects like Brooklyn Basin, Coliseum City and the  long-dormant Oakland Global project at the old Army Base, which finally broke  ground just weeks ago."

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