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Oakland Clarifies Where Occupiers Can Go

Frank Ogawa is not the only place campers are not welcome.



    Oakland Clarifies Where Occupiers Can Go
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    OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 02: A sign is posted on a tent at the Occupy Oakland encampment on November 2, 2011 in Oakland, California. Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets for a general strike organized by Occupy Oakland. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    In meetings with protesters over the past week, Oakland Mayor Jean  Quan discussed the possibility of relocating the "Occupy Oakland" encampment  that has occupied Frank Ogawa Plaza for most of the last month, according to  Mayor's office officials.

    "The city's ban against public parks remains," said Sue Piper,  special assistant to Quan. Piper said that some protesters suggested public  and private sites that the encampment could voluntarily move to.

    After previously issuing several eviction notices demanding  protesters vacate Frank Ogawa Plaza, a Saturday notice was addressed to  "Persons lodging in all parks citywide," informing protesters that they did  not have permission to "lodge on or in ANY city property or parks, including  and not limited to Frank Ogawa Plaza, Lafayette Square Park, Jefferson  Square, and Snow Park."

      An encampment in Snow Park has grown over the last several days,  according to accounts by protesters and residents, and as many as 20 tents  were pitched there as of Saturday.

      Some protesters had previously occupied Snow Park, located near  the corner of 19th Street and Lakeside Drive overlooking Lake Merritt, but  that encampment was dismantled on the morning of Oct. 25 when police raided  both Occupy Oakland encampments.

    A statement released by the Old Oakland Neighbors organization  Saturday said that as of Saturday morning one tent had been pitched in  Lafayette Square Park, located on the corner of 10th and Jefferson Streets.

    Old Oakland Neighbors said that the group had not been contacted  regarding any efforts for relocating the campers, and said that existing  shelters should be consulted on where the protesters can go.

    A group of several Occupy Oakland protesters released a statement  Saturday as well to say that they were not aware of any meetings with Quan or  the city regarding relocation, and that Occupy Oakland General Assembly had  not issued any resolutions regarding voluntary relocation.

      The statement said that if anyone had met with Quan regarding  relocation, they were "purporting to represent the Occupation without any  kind of authorization."