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Oakland Fans Voice Support at City Hall



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    Jodi Hernandez
    Oakland city council member Rene Kaplan rallied with other sports fans to reinforce the idea that professional franchises can "thrive" in the city.

    City leaders and members of Save Oakland Sports members held a rally in front of City Hall in an attempt to show Oakland's committed to its sports teams.

    Sports fans are worried the A's and Raiders may follow the lead of the Golden State Warriors which recently announced plans to leave town.

    Council Member Rebecca Kaplan, led a chant "Yes we can; Yes we can!" She said the teams can grow thrive and succeed in Oakland.

    "As a city, we're taking action not only to show love and loyalty, but to make it a smart business decsion to stay, thrive and win ball games in Oakland," said Kaplan.

    "Let's play ball!"