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Oakland Fire Station Brownouts For the 4th

Oakland fire stations will be running with skeleton crews during the holiday week.



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    Oakland resident Dejaun Frazier is concerned about his family’s safety this fourth of July but Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, SAYS closing fire stations are a necessary to help balance Oakland’s very difficult budget situation.

    "Unfortunately it’s something that the unions negotiated with the city a long time ago that were giving us back some hours and now we’re taking them back,” Quan said.

    Taking some hours back means saving the city of Oakland up to four million dollars a year.

    But the savings comes at an awkward time.

    Fire season is here, the Fourth of July is Wednesday, and temperatures are expected to soar.

    In some areas, illegal firework activity is already underway.

    Station 23, will be closed for three days starting July 4th.

    One engine will be taken out of service here at station 3 in West Oakland.

    Both fire houses cover some of the toughest areas where fire service is needed and where illegal fireworks are a huge problem on the Fourth.

    Oakland isn’t the only city conducting brownouts this holiday week.

    San Jose fire has conducted rolling brownouts for about a year to help cut down on overtime, and the city of San Francisco is doing the same.

    Now it’s Oakland’s turn.