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Oakland Man's Puppy Found In Nebraska Newspaer Box

Oakland trucker stashed dog in newspaper box for safekeeping.



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    This is a generic photo of a puppy, not the dog involved.

    An Oakland trucker is accused of stashing a puppy in a newspaper box during his lunch break in Omaha, Neb., according to reports.

     Nebyou Brook of Oakland on Saturday put his 7- to 9-week old terrier in a newspaper box in Omaha while he went into a fast-food restaurant to eat his lunch, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.
    He couldn't leave his dog in his truck and he couldn't bring it into the fast food restaurant, so the newspaper box seemed like the next-best place, according to reports.
    He was seen popping his puppy into the box, so another man put change into the newspaper box to retrieve the dog, according to the newspaper.
    Animal control officers cited the long-haul trucker for animal neglect, but he was allowed to keep his dog, according to the Associated Press.