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Oakland Police Release Protest Video

Video taken by officers both observing and in the middle of Occupy protest.



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    Oakland Police Department
    This officer was pelting with red paint during Oct. 25 Occupy Oakland protest.

    The Oakland police department released four videos its officers took during the Oct. 25 Occupy Oakland event.

    The videos were taken during the first big protest in Oakland that ended with police firing tear gas at protesters on four separate occasions.  Oct. 25 was the day the city originally evicted Occupy campers from Frank Ogawa Plaza.

    The videos show several scuffles between officers and protesters.

    Police said it was taken at the corner of 8th and Washington and only contains images before sunset and prior to the deployment of the tear gas.

    Images contained in the attached video clips show a ring of officers surrounding arresting officers in an effort to prevent members of the crowd from interfering with the arrest. The officers were subjected to numerous assaults by the crowd throughout the incident.

    Click here for clip No.1 which is a bird’s eye view from a second story window.  You can see a group of officers trying to arrest a protestor in a large crowd.  The crowd begins throwing objects into the huddle of officers. (Note: Silverlight plugin required to view videos)
    Click here for clip No. 2 which shows officers covered in paint trying to make arrest surrounded by shouting protestors.  After the 2 minute mark police attempt to subdue a protestor.

    Click here for clip No. 3 which shows police surrounded by angry protestors. 

    Click her for clip No. 4 which shows more pushing and shoving. 

    The clips are only a portion of the video captured that day. Apparently there is hours more video to be reviewed by police.

    OPD said it "will continue to place the highest value on policing in a manner that is both constitutional and ethical."