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Oakland's Crime-Fighting Guide a Cheat Sheet for the Absent-Minded

City releases seemingly common sense tips to avoid crime



    Oakland has never been shy to get a message out.

    You might not think twice about carrying your purse, talking on your cell phone, or even getting into your car. But in Oakland, you should.

    At least according to the police department, who put out a two-page pamphlet this week filled with seemingly obvious tips to avoid become a crime statistic.

    Residents say several of the recommendations are something they already do.

    "I make sure anything I have in a friend's car, [like] a computer, I do take it out," said Hope Baker.

    Oakland driver David Ernst said, while standing near his car, that he doesn't "keep anything in there I would consider valuable. I may probably move them to the trunk."

    But after the interview he forgot, and almost walked away until a helpful reporter reminded him to move his valuables.

    Officers say that is more common than many people would think -- thus the Oakland Police Department is embarking on a new crusade to tell people to be responsible for their own personal safety.

    "You'd be amazed how many people leave valuables in plain sight," said Jeff Thomason of the Oakland Police Department.

    The department is asking the simple question: Do you have a plan?

    The city says it's no secret Oakland has a crime problem, like many other big cities, and the police department is looking for creative ways to stop it.

    Is Oakland's crime-prevention brochure a creative solution, stating the obvious, or a copout? Tell us what you think in the comments.