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Oakland, SF Make Top-10 Walkable Cities



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    A  mild summer and high gas prices ... so why not take a stroll? San Francisco and Oakland have both cracked the top 10 list of cities deemed "walker's paradise," according to Walk Scor, a rating service.

    The top city? Well, it's New York. San Francisco topped the last list in 2008.

    Some of the benefits of having walkable neighborhoods include:

    * Homes in walkable neighborhoods, on average, are worth more

    * Homes with easy access to public transit and nearby amenities save more energy and money than an Energy Star home in a conventional suburban development

    * The average resident of a walkable nieghborhood weighs eight pounds less than someone in a sprawling neighborhood

    Users can find the Walk Score for their own address here.

    The entire list is New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami, Minneapolis and Oakland.