Oakland Sued For "Ruining" Innocent Man's Reputation With "Most Wanted" Listing - NBC Bay Area

Oakland Sued For "Ruining" Innocent Man's Reputation With "Most Wanted" Listing

Accountant from San Leandro arrested, not charged, still listed as "Most Wanted."



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    Oakland police had their man -- but he wasn't charged with any crimes. So they left his name and photograph on their Most Wanted list -- and now, the city is most certainly sued.

    Chau Van, 37, sued the city of Oakland and the police department's top officials in federal court this week after police refused to remove his name and photo from their Most Wanted list, even after he contacted them and was not charged with any crime, according to the Bay Area News Group.

    Van was arrested in connection to an alleged attack with a baseball bat, but was never charged after supposed witnesses gave conflicting statements and the alleged victim stopped cooperating with police, according to the newspaper.

    Van, an accountant by trade, claims he first learned he was a "dangerous fugitive" from a friend who saw his name and picture on television. He went into a police station to clear his name but was instead arrested and spent three days in jail before he was released with no charges.

    But even then police refused to remove him from their wanted list, his complaint alleges.

    Van's attorney, DeWitt Lacy, said police refused to acknowledge their mistake or even apologize. Lacy works for famed litigator John Burris.

    Oakland officials declined to comment on the situation.