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Oakland Teen Charged as Adult in Double Homicide

Couple killed in double homicide adopted child because they couldn't have children of their own



    Oakland Police: Teenager Killed Parents

    Why did he do it? That's what the family of a murdered Oakland couple are trying to figure out tonight after learning the couple's adopted 15-year-old son confessed, say police, to killing them. NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd reports from Oakland. (Published Monday, Jan. 30, 2012)

    The question that is plaguing friends, family, coworkers and Oakland police is why a 15-year-old would kill his devoted parents.

    Oakland police say the 15-year-old has confessed to doing it, but the motive remains a mystery.

    Prosecutors said they will charge the teen as an adult during his first court hearing scheduled Tuesday.
    Police say worried coworkers called them last Friday to report Robert Kamin and his wife Susan Poff didn't show up for work. The second time police checked the home they say they saw something suspicious around the car parked out front. Inside they found their bodies, which had been strangled.

    Kamin's brother said he felt something was wrong when he talked to his nephew in the hours before the gruesome discovery.

    "He was saying my parents I miss them lets go look for them part of it was a real feeling because I feel he regrets doing it to some degree. I don’t why he did it," Bruce Kamin said.

    Bruce Kamin said his brother and his wife were concerned about their son hanging out at various Occupy camps overnight in recent days and weeks. He also wanted to be clear he didn't blame the Occupy movement for the deaths. He said the boy also tended to play violent video games. 
    The couple adopted their son about ten years ago. Before that he had been in foster homes after separating from his birth parents when he was three years old.

    "People can do everything they can for somebody might not necessarily be the right thing you can give them credit for trying something," Bruce Kamin said.