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Oakland Leaders Look to Keep Teams From Bolting

East Bay Teams May Be Staying In Oakland



    Oakland Leaders Look to Keep Teams From Bolting
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    The Oakland City Council is trying to keep the city's teams at home.

    Not so fast!  The three major sports teams in Oakland may be staying put, if city leaders have their way.

    According to the Oakland Tribune, the city council agreed to pay more than $3-million to redevelop the more than 40 year old, 750-acre Coliseum complex, including areas near a freeway.  It eventually hopes to attract investors to transform the current location into a sports megaplex.  But some lawmakers say while the plan would work in keeping the teams in the East Bay, the city of Oakland just does not have any money to pour into the project due to budget constraints.

    The Raiders have been looking for a new stadium since returning from Los Angeles back in 1995.  There has been talk the team could head south to Santa Clara and share the San Francisco 49ers new stadium which is about to begin construction.

    The Warriors have been eyeing other nearby cities for a new hard court.  Team officials are considering moving next door to San Francisco.  The City's mayor says he welcomes the talk, but insists the Warriors must build their arena through private financing.

    Meanwhile the Oakland Athletics are ready to bolt south to San Jose.  The city has given it a home team discount to buy up land to build a stadium.  But A's owner Lew Wolff needs the approval from Major League Baseball, and a decision is still up in the air.  The San Francisco Giants would love the A's to stay where they are at.  It claims territorial rights to the South Bay.