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Oaklanders Map Out Life After Cars



    Oaklanders Map Out Life After Cars
    PHILADELPHIA - MAY 08: Amtrak Acela Train at the Amtrak Celebrates National Train Day 2010 - Philadelphia at 30th Street Station on May 8, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Amtrak)

    Two East Bay explorers have written a guide to adventures around the Bay Area, all of which can be reached without the use of a car.

    Bikes and transit are the transportation modes of choice in Post-Car Adventuring by Justin Eichenlaub and Kelly Gregory, according to the EBX.

    The travel book guides readers to Marin, Big Sur, Napa, and destinations even further such as Yosemite. No cars are necessary for the adventures -- in fact, automobiles would just get in the way. The appeal of these trips is the satisfaction of pedaling a bike or relaxing on an Amtrak train, rather than staring at the monotonous gray of the freeway. As the authors point out, for many trips it's simply easier to leave the stress of the car behind.

    The book is geared towards urbanites, many of whom might own cars but don't rely on them exclusively for transportation. Eichenlaub and Gregory hope that they can coax those readers into feeling more comfortable undertaking longer trips -- it's easy to ride Muni out to the beach, but taking Caltrain requires a bit more confidence in public transportation.

    Ultimately, the book may help reduce the number of cars choking the Bay Area. Cars are responsible for all manner of urban planning woes, and reductions in their number are desperately needed.

    The book was published by Post-Car Press, and is available at local book shops and on Amazon.