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Oakland's May Day Protest Turns Violent

A Small Group of Protesters On The Move In Oakland



    Oakland's May Day Protest Turns Violent
    Cheryl Hurd

    As darkness fell, police became the target of May Day protesters anger.

    They threw rocks bottles and paint at police at 14th and Broadway.

    We witnessed one person being arrested.

    This arrest comes hours after hundreds of people converged on Frank Ogawa Plaza Tuesday afternoon. As of 11:00 p.m. Tuesday, 23 people were arrested.

    Protesters broke windows and threw paint at media vans. Several cars were set on fire, including a police car. Vandalism was reported at the Internal Affairs office at Frank Ogawa Plaza, and a Wells Fargo window was shattered in downtown Oakland.

    But the majority of the protesters didn't take the day off to march through the streets to fight with police.

    "This is international labor day for the workers," Tom McMahon said.

    McMahon and his wife Kathy were one of 35-hundred protesters who marched peacefully from the Fruitvale BART station to city hall to draw attention to what they call economic inequality in this country.

    A few windows were broken along the way and that's one thing business owner Joe Martinez was afraid of.

    "A lot of us business owners don't have insurance to cover window breakings and stuff like that.  I think they've gone too far," Martinez said.