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Occupy Oakland Banks With Wells-Fargo -- Temporarily

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    Occupy Oakland Banks With Wells-Fargo -- Temporarily
    Including, it appears, Wells Fargo bank.

    The 99 percent needs the 1 percent -- but only to hold its money for a couple of weeks.

    A $20,000 donation from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Oakland will briefly rest in the coffers of Wells-Fargo, one of the large corporate banks the movement opposes and whose influence the movement seeks to erode, according to reports.

    Occupy Oakland's general assembly -- the nightly meetings when decisions are made by consensus -- voted to use Wells Fargo to hold the money, according to a post on its Web site. They're using Wells Fargo because that's where Occupy Oakland's lawyer, Timony Fong, has an account.

    Fong is in the process of removing his money from Wells Fargo, Occupy says, but in the meantime the bank will do while a credit union is found.

    A Wells Fargo spokesman went out of his way to tell reporters of the development, according to the Examiner. And the Twttersphere went ballistic at the news, observed the San Francisco Examiner, which said the general assembly vote was an overwhelming 162 to 8.

    "I can see the ad now: 'People’s money is so safe here at Wells Fargo, even our sworn enemies use us for their banking needs!'" tweeted @davidcolburn.

    Fong is waiting for the state to finish processing paperwork that establishes Occupy Oakland as an establishment, according to the newspaper.