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Occupy Oakland Gets Star Power

Occupy (insert city name here) gets celebrity boosts over the weekend



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    Actor Danny Glover spent his Saturday in Oakland.

    Larger crowds joined the growing Occupy Oakland  movement Saturday.

    The demonstration began there last week as an offshoot of New  York City's Occupy Wall Street protests.

    Actor Danny Glover lead a "Jobs Not Cuts"  march from Laney College to the Oakland encampment. 

    More than 500 people attended Friday's Occupy Oakland  demonstrations, which, like similar occupations, have spoken out against  corporate greed and expressed outage against "a societal model that has  little value for the overwhelming majority of the people," organizers said.

      "The collective society has had its dignity ripped from it," Tara  Stroud, of Oakland, said. "We gather together, united, to regain that power."

    On Monday afternoon, Occupy Oakland protesters converged on Frank  Ogawa Plaza, their tents dotting the lawn in front of Oakland City Hall.

    As with similar occupations occurring across the Bay Area and the  nation, the amorphous movement has attracted many different types of  demonstrators.

    Organizers say that the movement has emphasized solidarity that is  blind to political affiliations and identity based on location, culture or  race.

      "The sense of community and camaraderie here is really inspiring,"  Kevin Seal, of Oakland, said. "It's intimately local and fully global all at  once."

    Some Bay Area elected officials have voiced their support for the  area's rallies, including San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos, who is  running for mayor in that city. Avalos spoke of the Occupy SF protests and  demanded accountability from corporate banks in an on-camera interview with  Current TV's Keith Olbermann this week.