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Occupy Oakland Outlines Police Abuses, Plans Another Rally

Oakland will get another dose of Occupation on Saturday night.



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    Oakland Police officers stand guard as other officers arrest a protester during an anti-police protest by Occupy Oakland, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012, in Oakland, Calif.

    Following their arrest Saturday, Occupy Oakland protesters suffered a litany of alleged abuses at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin -- but that's only "strengthened [their] resolve," according to organizers, who promised another Oakland demonstration for Saturday night.

    The biggest mass arrest in 30 years in Alameda County led to "a litany of human rights violations," according to claims made in the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The protesters will try again Saturday to occupy the vacant Kaiser Convention Center near Laney College and Lake Merritt. A march on a courthouse is also planned for Monday.

    Protesters were denied food and blankets and held in crowded conditions while at Santa Rita Jail, according to organizers.

    Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said that he takes all allegations of mistreatment "seriously." A spokesman for the jails said that he was unaware of any complaints.

    Some 409 protesters were taken into police custody on Saturday outside the YMCA on Broadway. Cops say that they refused to obey dispersal orders; protesters say they never heard any such orders.