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Ocean Beach Bonfire Ban Possible

An end to the fires at Ocean Beach is possible



    Ocean Beach Bonfire Ban Possible
    An end to bonfires at Ocean Beach is possible.

    The federal government is considering banning bonfires at Ocean Beach, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    "Problems that come with the nighttime revelry" that accompany summertime beach parties illuminated by flame from the pits are what might end the longtime San Francisco beach side tradition, according to the newspaper.

    The National Park Service manages Ocean Beach and other federal land in San Francisco. In 2007, fires were restricted to fire pits near the Richmond District side of the park, the newspaper reported, due to trash and other problems.

    Now, bonfires are only allowed before 10 p.m. and in the limited area. A discussion on the potential removal of the nine remaining fire pits could happen in the future.