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Off-Duty Cop Nabs Sexual Peeper Suspect



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    An alert Santa Clara County deputy and a man willing to step up and help are  being credited for catching a sexual predator at a Morgan Hill Safeway.

    Sgt. Numo Ribeiro said he noticed a fellow shopper acting strange so he started to follow him.  Ribeiro said he then noticed the man was hiding a video camera and secretly holding it at angles to enable him to get video of women's breasts and buttocks.

    Ribeiro told someone to call 911 and tell them he was going to make an arrest and call for back up.

    The suspect didn't go down easy.  Ribeiro said the suspect, Juan Rodriguez from San Jose, attempted to run away.  The two struggled enough that Ribeiro called out for another shopper to help him.

    Rodriguez now faces several charges including concealing a camera for sexual gratification and battery on an officer.  Police say the found a video camera inside Rodriguez’s pocket. 

    Police did not name the man who stepped up to help the officer.