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Oklahoma Residents Head Home From SFO



    Oklahoma Residents Head Home From SFO

    Some Oklahoma residents are fearing the worst as they head home. Chaffee Nguyen flew out of SFO on Tuesday night. Terry McSweeney reports. (Published Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

    A man who lives Moore, Okla., was visiting the Bay Area when the deadly tornado struck so close to his home.

    On Tuesday night, he flew out of San Francisco International Airport, uncertain of what he'd feel when he arrived home.

    Chaffee Nguyen knows it will never be the "home" he left last week. He has seen pictures of Moore, where the tornado struck Monday just two miles from where he lives now.

    "They are gone,"Nguyen said."They are just not there anymore. I know families that have lost homes. There's nothing out there, it's devastation."

    Tornado Survivors Determined to Rebuild

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    Jodi Hernandez reports from Moore, Okla.,where neighborhoods are destroyed after a massive tornado. May 22, 2013
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    And there are stories amid all this ruin far worse than the loss of a home.

    "I do know a friend of a friend who passed away with her baby. So they didn't make it out. One of the worst stories I've heard," he said.

    As stunning as the pictures from Moore are, Nguyen knows they only tell a part of the story.

    They give him just a hint of how he'll feel when he gets home.

    "Once I get a chance to look at it, it will all finally sink in."