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One Room Bay Area School Closes Forever



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     A 157-year tradition in a small Napa County community is coming to an end with the closure of its one-room schoolhouse.    

    The Wooden Valley Elementary School is scheduled to close Thursday after graduating its last class of fifth-graders.    

    Residents of this vineyard-lined farming valley outside Napa have sent their children to a one-room schoolhouse since the early 1850s.    

    The original 1853 structure is still standing, though children now attend classes in another one-room building erected in the 1950s.    

    The two dozen kindergartners through fifth-graders will now be bused to larger schools in Napa or Fairfield or be home-schooled.   

    Napa Valley Unified School District officials decided earlier this year that they could no longer justify the $100,000 cost of keeping the school open.