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Online STD Notification

You Can Email Or Text Someone To Tell Them They've Been Exposed



    Fear is what keeps people quiet, but for two brothers, the feeling motivated them to launch

    "The website came about because a friend of mine tested positive for HPV.  It's a shocking thing for a young girl to go through," Alaun Buckley said.

    Buckley, who lives in Vallejo and his brother who lives in Hawaii, felt it was time to give people a way to tell the truth.

    By using it, someone can notify their former or current partners via email or text they've been exposed to an STD.

    "The stigma surrounding STD is so negative people are so afraid to talk about it but it's taking over," Buckley said.

    The CDC reports, 19 million new STD cases are diagnosed in the US each year.

    More alarming, the government estimates one fifth of the 1.2 million HIV carriers in the US don't know why they are infected.