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Open Air Smoking Ban Starts in East Bay

You can't even smoke in a smoke shop.



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    Starting Monday, smokers in Alameda are going to find the places  they can light up much more limited.

    A law takes effect that cuts back the public locations and  places of employment where smoking is legally allowed.

    The banned areas include any commercial-area sidewalks, including  downtown shopping and business areas, and any outdoor seating at restaurants,  bars and coffee shops.

    It will also include public events like farmers markets and fairs,  and any parks, trails, sports fields or beaches.

    Tobacco shops themselves are also included in the ban, including  hookah bars, bars where visitors smoke fruit-flavored sweet tobacco called  "shisha."

    It is also now illegal to smoke within 20 feet of any doors or  windows of enclosed areas, including the balconies and porches of multi-unit  rental complexes.

    For housing complexes, designated smoking areas can be  established.

    Landlords are required to prominently post no smoking signs and to  remove ashtrays from any areas where smoking is now prohibited.

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