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Love Honor Cherish Pushes for Quicker Vote on Marriage Equality

Split among same-sex marriage supporters over when to challenge Proposition 8



    Love Honor Cherish Pushes for Quicker Vote on Marriage Equality
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    Love Honor Cherish co-founder John Henning, right, doesn't want to wait until 2012 to give California voters a chance to change their minds about marriage equality.

    The passage of Proposition 8 last year has left supporters of marriage equality divided on when to push to overturn the amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex unions.

    While Equality California has lobbied to muster an effort in 2012, when more money might be available and attitudes may have shifted further, Love Honor Cherish disagrees.

    So LHC has taken the first steps in placing a proposition on the ballot in 2010 by submitting draft language to let voters re-amend the constitution, overturning Prop 8 and allowing same-sex couples to wed in California.

    EQCA helped LHC draft the language, but did not offer final approval, while diplomatically asserting that it supports the same end-goal.

    "We believe we will be much more ready--and much more likely to prevail--at the ballot in 2012, and we are working tirelessly towards that outcome with our coalition partners," said EQCA Marriage Director Marc Solomon.

    A recent study found that nearly a quarter of same-sex couples in California already consider themselves married.

    Naturally, those couples, and LHC, are impatient in waiting for their relationships to be recognized by the state.

    "Starting today, there is new hope for committed gay and lesbian couples who want to get married," LHC Executive Director John Henning said of his groups move to try to make things official two years earlier.

    Matthew Baume contributed to this story. Photo by Flickr user En Vacances.

    Jackson West just hopes that this time around civil rights groups are as organized as the homo-hating opposition.