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Original Pixar Imaging Computer on eBay

There is a rare piece of computer history available on eBay.



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    Attention computer collectors with about $25,000 to blow.

    You'll want to click over to eBay if you'd like to pick up an original Pixar Imaging Computer. Starting bid is is just $15,000 and Buy-It-Now price tag is a mere $25k.

    This computer originally came from the Computer Division of Lucasfilm before the company was purchased by Steve Jobs in 1986, and renamed Pixar.

    The machine stands out with it's almost prop-like appearance, resembling a computer / tombstone.

    The Pixar Imaging Computer was a graphics designing computer, that became commercially available after the Jobs' purchase. It was aimed at commercial and scientific high-end visualization markets.

    At the time, it sold for $135,000, and required a $35,000 workstation.

    Head on over to eBay and have a look at this rare piece of Disney / Lucasfilm / Pixar history.