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Great Outdoor After-School Programs for Kids



    Great Outdoor After-School Programs for Kids
    There are several activities for kids coming up in the Bay Area.

    The school bells are ringing and the classroom door is wide open: it’s back to school time! It's early rising, organized learning time, with play hours cut drastically short. There's no doubt that come the first day, kids will be longing for summer days sparkling with glorious adventures. Keep the warm vibes alive by enrolling the young members of the family in an outdoor after-school program. Awesome, sunshine-filled afternoons, a chance to burn off squiggly kiddo energy, and maybe even learn a thing or two--there’s nothing like a little balance between books and the great wide somewhere! Here’s the scoop on outdoor after-school classes in the Bay Area:

    San Francisco

    Kids Outdoor Club
    The brainchild of San Francisco father of three, this outdoor program is based in Speedway Meadows. Kids will have a blast one or two days a week showing their skills in a “World Cup” soccer match, running like lightning during capture the flag, or discovering the world around them while hiking and tromping through sand dunes. Day trips to hot spots in San Francisco include the trails and terrain of Land’s End, the beaches and fields at Crissy Field, the Marine Mammal Center in Marin, the ducks and turtles of Stow Lake, the sand dunes at Ocean Beach, the Conservatory of Flowers, the beauty of the Botanical Gardens and much more.

    Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park
    30th Avenue, from Fulton Street
    Days: Selected by parent
    Hours: After school until 5:30 pm
    Phone: 415-407-0813


    Vilda Foundation
    Founded by a woman who as a child explored the wilderness of the Finnish islands, the Vilda Foundation strives to rebuild the awareness that creates a deep connection to the world around us. Budding naturalists will love planting trees, clearing brush, finding frogs in a creek, or creating natural dyes with berries. Kids will explore the open spaces of Marin county, look for native birds, animals and plants, create musical instruments out of wood, and learn how to keep the outdoors thriving.

    Fairfax (meeting at Manor School)
    Days: Tues, Wed, Thurs
    Hours: After school until 5:30 pm
    Phone: 415-717-3919

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