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Outing Sexist Comments Gets Female Developer Fired

Woman outs boorish male behavior, loses job.



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    A tech developer who "outed" male colleagues for making "inappropriate sexual comments" at a recent tech conference is now a feminist hero, according to reports.

    Adria Richards has also been a target and a victim -- the San Francisco-based developer has lost her job, VentureBeat reported.

    She was at PyCon in Santa Clara on Sunday when a group of men behind here were making "inappropriate comments in response to a speaker," Richards reported on her blog at butyoureagirl.com.

    The men made a joke about "big dongles," so Richards turned around and snapped a photo of them and published it to Twitter. PyCon staff members then ejected the men from the conference.

    The tech world is still male-dominated, however -- and how. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the Twitter backlash against Richards has included commenters calling her "dumb," and others "said 'I hate you,' and hoped that she would kill herself," the newspaper reported.

    The hope, however, is that more women will use social media in order to call out inappropriate behavior, the newspaper reported. Even if it comes at a cost.