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Over 6 Million Californians Live in Official Poverty

Poverty line is $22,811 a year income for a family of four.



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    Fresno is the poorest municipality in the state with 25.8 percent of families living below the poverty line.

    Being poor is no fun -- but being poor is the official way of life for more than 6 million California residents.

    Another 330,000 Californians fell below the official federal poverty line in 2011, meaning that 6.1 million residents of the Golden State are officially poor, according to Census statistics.

    A family of four is considered offically "poor" if the household income is less than $22,811. Consider that, then consider Bay Area prices and income levels, and one must consider that many, many more Californians may consider themselves poor.

    What was that about needing to make at least $60,000 a year as a single person to stay afloat in San Francisco, again?

    Fresno is the poorest city in the state. There, 25.8 percent of all residents live below the poverty line, according to the San Jose Mercury News. In the Bay Area, 10.6 percent of South Bay residents are officially poor, the newspaper reported.

    So if you have a job making $22,812 or more and you have two kids, chin up -- at least you're not poor.