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PG&E Spends $10 Million to Earn Back Public Trust

PG&E hopes a $10 million advertising campaign will restore faith in its brand.



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    The neighborhood scorched by the PG&E explosion is now empty landscape.

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company wants you to know it's sorry -- and the utility is spending big to make sure you know.

    The beleaguered utility giant is spending $10 million on a multi-media advertising campaign, with print, radio, and television ads depicting its CEO saying the company "lost its way," according to the San Francisco Examiner.
    The public mea culpa comes almost two years after an old, corroded pipeline erupted in flame in San Bruno. The ensuring inferno killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood.
    The company's ad campaign shows how many people PG&E employs and how many miles of pipeline it has inspected lately, the newspaper reported. Lax oversight and a shoddy inspection record contributed to the San Bruno disaster, the newspaper reported.
    The ads are paid for by the company's shareholders -- which means the bill does not appear on your electricity bill -- and began on TV last week. Print ads should appear in August, the newspaper reported.