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Paper Spill on Highway 101



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    A San Rafael man driving a box truck with a flatbed trailer  attached was charged with spilling a load onto the highway in the San Rafael  area Saturday afternoon, California Highway Patrol officials said.

    Steel rails, plywood, and boxes containing legal documents fell  from the flatbed trailer attached to the white box truck driven by Isaac  Perez Oxlaj on U.S. Highway 101 near North San Pedro Road at about 1 p.m.,  Marin CHP officers said.

    Because the load was improperly retrained and secured, the items  were strewn across the highway and covered all lanes of traffic, according to  the Marin CHP.

    CHP officers responded to the scene and removed the large pieces  of debris to clear the lanes and expedite the flow of traffic.

    CalTrans was also notified and assisted with the removal of the  remaining papers, officials said.

    Oxlaj, 26, was pulled over about one mile north of the spill and  was also charged with driving while unlicensed, according to the Marin CHP.