Parents Mount Facebook Campaign to Protest...Diaper Rash? - NBC Bay Area

Parents Mount Facebook Campaign to Protest...Diaper Rash?

They say Pampers Drymax is causing severe rashes on baby bottoms.



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     Parents have taken to Facebook to wage a consumer campaign against Pampers.

    They say the company's new line of "Drymax diapers" is causing severe diaper rashes, blisters, and even sores for their babies. San Francisco mom Jennifer Gray says her one year old started getting a rash within hours of using the product. The rash only healed once she stopped using the Pampers. Gray says, "It was red. It looked like blisters. It was really gross. [My daughter] would fight getting changed. She would run. She would flail. It was terrible."

    Gray eventually logged onto Facebook and found other parents with similar concerns. More than 3500 have joined a fan page urging Pampers to ditch its Drymax technology.

    She says when the diapers were  was initially introduced, parents had no way of knowing they were different, because Pampers used the same packaging. The company acknowledged that mistake and apologized in a statement posted on its Facebook page. But Pampers also denies that the Drymax diapers could be the source of the rashes. The company says the diapers, which are advertised as 20% thinner and more absorbent than ever, have been tested on "20 thousand babies" with over "300 thousand diaper changes."

    Part of the company's statement reads: "This comprehensive evaluation [by pediatricians and dermatologists] did not find any evidence whatsoever that Dry Max is behind the diaper rashes that some moms have reported. Diaper rashes, as you all know, can be a mystery. On average babies get them three to four times a year, and sometimes they are severe. Pampers has the responsibility to regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, to alert consumers to any such problems if they exist. More importantly, we also feel deep responsibility to you as parents ourselves. Believe me, if we found anything wrong, we would tell you. But that simply has not been the case. We even surveyed parents nationwide over the past few weeks, to gauge their opinions, and more than 70 percent said they preferred Dry Max to their current diaper because it is thin, flexible, and one step better for the environment than the product replaced. "

    Pampers has established a hotline for parents to deal specifically with the Drymax concerns. It is 1-877-256-3265. Jodi Allen of Pampers says in a Facebook note, " I plan to check and review calls into this number daily. I cannot promise that we'll be able to meet all your needs, but we are interested in hearing from you."