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Park Service Taser Incident Irks Rep. Jackie Speier

Rep. Jackie Speier rips Park Service for Taser incident involving dog-walker.



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    Months after a federal Park Service ranger fired her Taser into the back of a man whose offense was walking his dogs off-leash, the federal government is withholding information -- and agitating Rep. Jackie Speier.

    The Park Service "owes the public an explanation" as well as more "transparency," the Hillsborough Democrat told the San Francisco Chronicle. Meanwhile, Park Service staff say that their ranger has been cleared of all wrongdoing, but cannot reveal results of the investigation to the public.
    The ranger, Sarah Cavallaro, used her Taser on San Mateo resident Gary Hesterberg, after Hesterberg was found to be walking his rat terrier off-leash, according to reports. Cavallaro attempted to detain Hesterberg, 51, on federal land near Montara. 
    Hesterberg allegedly gave Cavallaro a false name. Witnesses say Cavallaro could not tell Hesterberg why he was being detained, and when Hesterberg attempted to walk away, Cavallaro pulled out her Taser.
    Hesterberg was arrested and put in handcuffs for hours on charges of "failing to obey a lawful order, keeping dogs off-leash and providing false information," the newspaper reported. Prosecutors declined to file charges.
    Cavallaro has since been transferred to the Grand Canyon National Park, according to reports. Meanwhile, Hesterberg has filed a $500,000 claim against the Park Service.