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Parking Tip of the Month: Stalk That Spot



    Parking Tip of the Month: Stalk That Spot
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    SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 18: A man works on his laptop as he sits on a temporary lawn that takes up a metered parking space while participating in (park)ing day September 18, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Artists and environmental activist around the globe are celebrating (park)ing day by transforming big city parking spaces into temporary works of art and mini parks to raise awareness of the lack of recreation areas in big cities. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Every once in a while, our friends at come up with a doozy of a tip. And with the City considering a tax on your commuting ways that get you in and out of San Francisco, well, every little tip helps.

    Circling the spot is so passe. Here's the 21st-century approach to scoring street parking:

    If you have to be at a regular place at a specific time each day or even one day a week, and it’s typically a hassle finding parking, then this tip is for you.

    Arrive about a half an hour earlier than you normally arrive and park on the street near your location (btw you are allowed to park in front of a fire hydrant as long as you are in the car with the keys). Remain in the spot and adjust all of your mirrors so you can see all around you on both sides of the street, and simply wait.

    "What are we waiting for what smart guy?"

    You're waiting for someone to leave their spot. "

    Gee, that's absolutely brilliant, I'm so glad I bought your book." Keep reading…here is the great part:

    When somebody leaves their spot, take their spot, but make a detailed note of their car's make and model and any identifying marks such as a bumper sticker. Remain watching. And make detailed notes of every car that leaves and the exact time that they leave.

    The full tip is here.