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Partial Transcripts Promised in Chandra Levy Case



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    Ingmar Guandique (left) and Chandra Levy.

    The public will soon learn more about the subject of sealed hearings in the Chandra Levy murder case.
    Levy was a Washington intern whose 2001 slaying attracted attention because of her romantic relationship with California congressman Gary Condit.

    Police initially focused on Condit as a suspect, and his political career unraveled. But after Levy's remains were found in a park, police shifted their focus to Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran man who was already serving a prison sentence for attacking female joggers in the park where Levy disappeared.

    Guandique, an illegal immigrant, was convicted of her murder in 2010. But a judge has been holding sealed post-conviction hearings in recent weeks that could signal a problem with the prosecution.
    After a 2 1/2-hour sealed proceeding on Thursday, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher said redacted, partial transcripts of hearings in December and January will be made available to the public and the media in about a week. A prosecutor said defense lawyers made assertions in those proceedings that the government does not agree with.

    Guandique was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

    A D.C. jury convicted Guandique of first-degree murder in Levy's 2001 disappearance and death, despite a lack of witnesses and no DNA evidence linking him to the crime.