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People Fighting to Save Berkeley Post Office



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    People camped out in front of Berkeley Post Office trying to prevent sale of historic building. Aug. 6, 2013

    Protestors camping at a downtown post office in Berkeley have been put on notice that they need to go.

    The group has been protesting plans to sell the historic building and others like it since July 27.  They're called "Save the Berkeley Post Office."
    Demonstrators say about 25 people are in tents and sleeping bags.  They say late last week a group of postal inspectors and postal police told them they would need to get the tents off the front steps and remove signs that they hung on the building at Allston Way.
    One of the problems according to the postal inspector is that the campsite poses a safety hazard.  The group says they plan to stay.   

    Ian Saxton told NBC Bay Area that he is there to preserve this postal "legacy" and be part of this "important fight."