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Google Family Connection Can't Keep Start Up Afloat

Google-backed company has shed an unspecified number of employees



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    23andMe co-founders Anne Wojcicki, left, and Linda Avey, right, at a Hollywood "spit party." Avey has since left the company.

    Bad news for 23andMe, the genetics start up co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

    The company has confirmed that it has let an unspecified number of people go as part of "restructuring."

    23andMe offers personalized genetic testing, which it says might help people learn about genetic predispositions for certain diseases.

    The company blamed the economy, which makes sense, since it's unlikely people are going to fork over $400 for personal genetic testing when they're facing foreclosure and unemployment.

    Earlier this year, Brin gave the company a $10 million loan. The company has also received funding from Google and biotech company Genentech.

    Also earlier this year, co-founder Linda Avey left the company to start a foundation for Alzheimer's research.

    Unfortunately, trying to find work at Google might prove difficult -- besides the convoluted hiring process, that company is also shedding staff.

    Jackson West doubts anyone married to a Googler got the pink slip.