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Petaluma Beats Texas 11-1

A certain group of Petaluma children are the pride of the Bay Area.



    Petaluma Little Leaguers Move Toward Title

    The Petaluma Little League team plays this weekend in the World Series. (Published Friday, Aug. 24, 2012)

    The post-season for Major League Baseball is still weeks away, but World Series fever is alive and well in the Bay Area. The ground swell began in the North Bay city of Petaluma but is quickly spreading.

    That's because the Petaluma National Little League team is playing in the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pa. and since the games are nationally televised the entire country is watching.

    Petaluma is advances to the U.S. championship, after defeating a team from San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, a whopping 11-1.

    The game was shown in a theater in downtown Petaluma. There have been so many people wanting to watch the team as a group, Boulevard Cinema owner Dave Corkill dedicated two theaters for Thursday's game.

    Petaluma will now play an undefeated Tennessee team on Saturday for the U.S. Championship.

    The winner of Saturday's game will play the international championship game on Sunday for the World Series title.

    Baseball is a superstitious sport and the little boys of Petaluma have revealed one of their secrets.

    Below is a picture of a boy named Ted who has a big brother on the team. Rubbing Ted's head became a good luck charm for the team. Ted did not make it to Williamsport, but the team has a photo and they all touch it for good luck prior to each game.