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Pets Are Being Dumped Off at Vacant Store In Oakland

Empty commercial space is dumping ground for unwanted pets.



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    FILE ART - The East Bay SPCA has to deal with animals dropped off at a vacant grocery store in East Oakland.

    There are no groceries at the former Pak n' Save in East Oakland, where the supermarket business closed more than a year ago.

    There are plenty of pets, however -- the vacant grocery store is a "dumping ground" for animal owners and a big problem for animal lovers, according to reports.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the East Bay SPCA, which has a "state of the art facility" right next to the old grocery store underneath the BART airport connector, has long been concerned about pet dumping at the former store.

    There's an "endless stream" of unwanted animals who find themselves dropped off in front of the SPCA or at the store, according to the newspaper.

    It's not clear how many animals are left at the store instead of at the SPCA, but locals feel that developing the property would be a step towards making sure the animals are not simply left to fend for themselves among graffiti and blight.