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Phillip and Nancy Garrido Want to See Each Other in Jail

Request shows couple needs to discuss "family decisions"



    Phillip and Nancy Garrido Want to See Each Other in Jail
    Nancy Garrido and her husband Phillip Garrido, a registered sex offender, were arrested Wednesday Aug. 26 for the 1991 kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl who recently walked into a Northern California police station, authorities said Thursday, Aug. 27.

    Phillip and Nancy Garrido want to see each other while they're in jail.

    A defense lawyer this week said Phillip Garrido requested visitation with Nancy while they await trial behind bars in El Dorado County Jail. They have been held separately since being arrested in August in connection with the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard more than 18 years ago.

    The request, filed with El Dorado Superior Court, states:

    Mr. Garrido now seeks to visit his wife in the county jail where they both await trial. He and his wife are co-defendants who need to prepare their case. Additionally, they have numerous decisions to make which will strongly impact the people who have known and treated as family for the last eleven (11)years. While it is true that legal strategy can be made by attorneys acting on their behalf, family decisions cannot so be made. While the underlying accusations are serious, troubling and sad, there can be no doubt that Mr. and Mrs. Garrido acted as parents to two children and raised thgem for many years and that the decisions they make regarding the course of action in this case will affect those children for many years to come.

    Stephen Tapson, the court-appointed attorney representing Nancy Garrido, and Deputy Public Defender Susan Gellman are also seeking to compel prosecutors to tell them where Dugard is living. They also want to know if she has a lawyer of her own so they can speak with her while preparing defenses for the Garridos.

    The El Dorado District Attorney's office and a spokeswoman for Dugard's family declined to comment on the motions.

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